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Enca Development is a bespoke web design and development company which provides stylish, effective and affordable websites. We offer high quality creations covering design, development and support.

All of our sites are standards compliant, search engine friendly and completely bespoke.

Our aim is to provide a customer friendly service to all, whether you are an individual, social group, small business or UK company.

We believe that as a freelance design and development company we are uniquely positioned to be able to offer a high quality service and designs at extremely competitive rates.

Why Choose Us?

As we are a small business this means that your project is not just a 9 to 5 job. Enca Development offers an exceptional level of service and flexibility.

As Enca are situated in East Devon, we don't charge the expected prices that you are quoted from firms based in London and other major cities - our overheads are much lower!

Word of mouth referrals and recommendations are responsible for our growth, so if we make a saving, it is our aim to pass that saving to our clients.

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